The action group Gaslicht ist Berlin thanks its sponsors and supporters.

Ilja Richter

Ilja Richter für Gaslicht Kultur e.V.

Ilja Richter für Gaslicht Kultur e.V.

Ilja Richter is a Berlin actor, speaker, television presenter, singer and author. On the issue of Berlin's gas street lights he finds, 'Gaslight is expensive. However, the Senate's new lighting policy is cheap.' Thus, he is involved in the effort to preserve Berlin's gas street lighting.

Ilja Richter initiated a charity event for the organizations Denk mal an Berlin e.V. and Gaslicht Kultur e.V. Ilja Richter was able to convince a number of well-known artists to participate in the event. Among the evening's participants were Katharina Thalbach, Anita Kupsch, Ute Willing, Klaus Hoffmann, Thomas Quasthoff, Walter Plathe, Harald Martenstein and Jim Rakete. Ilja Richter acted as the evening's host and moderator.

The event's proceeds allowed the action group Gaslicht ist Berlin to commission the expert opinions published in Zum Denkmalwert der Berliner Gas-Beleuchtung and 'Expert Report on the Heritage Significance of Berlin's Gas Lamps & Lanterns'. Ilja Richter personally took part in the presentation of the first expertise to the press on 20 March 2013.

Moreover, Ilja Richter called on Berliners to support the petition against the demolition of Berlin's gas lamps.


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