Arguments in favour

The action group Gaslicht ist Berlin considers Berlin's gas street lighting to be cultural heritage of world significance.

To support our claim, we took the following steps:

- We called on the expertise of Dr. Peter Burman from Edinburgh/Scotland. His assessment signifies the international recognition of the heritage significance of Berlin's gaslights. Read his 'Expert Report on the Heritage Significance of Berlin's Gas Lamps & Lanterns as and for World Heritage' here.

- In 2013 we applied for the Berlin's street gaslights to be included on the list of the "7 Most Endangered" cultural heritage sites by Europa Nostra, a European organisation for monument conservation. This was the only nomination from Germany in the final round.

- We called on the expertise of the Berlin architect, architectural historian and conservation expert Dr. Dietrich Worbs. Read his expert report on the heritage significance of Berlin's gas street lighting here.

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