Getting involved

The action group Gaslicht ist Berlin needs your help to preserve Berlin's gas street lighting.

There are many good reasons for preserving Berlin's gas street lighting, some of which can be found on this website here.

However, the gaslight's opponents are powerful.

Therefore, we need a broad civil consensus and the help of as many supporters and friends as possible. Only then can we hope to prevent the dismantling of this unique cultural heritage in the long run.

Take action!

Protest to urban planners and policy makers about the planned dismantling of Berlin's gas street lighting. The broader and the more multi-layered the protest in our city the greater the chance to prevent the destruction of gas street lighting.

The reason so many gas lamps still exist in Berlin in the first place is the strong opposition Berliners have shown in the past. During the last attempt to get rid of gas street lighting in Berlin it was said the Senate Department of Construction, which was in charge at the time, received letters of protest 'by the laundry-basket'. In some streets gaslight even had to be re-installed, due to the massive protests of residents after the street lighting's electrification...

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