Support us!

In this section you can find suggestions how you can support our work.

If you would like to support our work to establish Berlin's gas street lighting as an official historic monument, you can find some suggestions in this section. These are arranged in order of increasing effort.

Spread the word!

Tell your friends, acquaintances, relatives and colleagues about us. Just do a little advertising for Berlin's gas street light and our website. The more people visit our website the better for Berlin's gaslights.

Link to us!

If you or your acquaintances have a website of your own, which fits the topic 'Cultural heritage Berlin's gas street light', link to us. This increases the prominence of our website and helps the gaslights.

Additionally, we are happy in turn to post a link back to your website.

Connect us!

If you have ideas or contacts that might help us in our work, email us via berlin(at) or mail(at)

Appeal to the decision makers!

Write a personal letter to Berlin's Mayor. You can help to direct political attention to our demands. Moreover, you can help show that a large public movement wants to preserve Berlin's unique cultural heritage.

Contact Berlin mayor!

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