History of Berlin's gaslight

1826: Berlin's first 26 gas street lamps are put into service by the British firm I.C.G.A. (Imperial Continental Gas Association). The model Camberwell lantern is fitted with a slit burner for an open gas flame.

1847: the Town of Berlin becomes responsible and takes over ownership of gas street lighting in Berlin.

1892: implementation of the Model Lamp as Berlin's standard gas lamp model; some still operate today.

1893/96: city-wide implementation of incandescent gaslight (invented 1885 by Carl Auer von Welsbach).

1905: implementation of the suspended gas lamp model with incandescent lighting.

1907: initial operation of pressurized gas lighting (developed 1907 in Berlin).

until 1925: conversion from manual to BAMAG remote ignition (developed 1905 in Berlin).

around 1939: the number of Berlin gas street lamps peaks at 88,000.

1952: implementation of the innovative in-line lamp model mounted on 'whip posts' (developed in Berlin, 1951); the majority of Model Lamps are replaced with BAMAG U7 top-piece lamps (developed 1930/35), the most widely used model in Berlin today.

1960-1990: widespread demolition of gas street lamps (especially, in East Berlin).

1989/1992: Berlin City Parliament decides in favour of preserving Berlin's gas street lighting.

by 1995: the energy source for gas street lighting is changed from so-called 'Town Gas' to natural gas; installation of photoelectric ignition.

2000: implementation of cylinder lamp model; only 80 lights installed.

2005: partial implementation of new in-line lamp head; installation of solar powered photoelectric ignition (developed in Berlin).

2012: start of city-wide gas street lamp demolition (decided 2007).

2013: British cultural heritage expert, Dr. Peter Burman, attests to the potential of Berlin's gas street lamps to attain World Heritage status.

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