Discover Berlin's sparkling night-time treasures!

Our gaslight tours take you to Berlin's most beautiful gas lit streets and squares. Experience Berlin's historic gas street lighting from the top level of a double decker bus. Alternatively, join our guided bike tours or city walks. Listen to interesting and entertaining stories about the lamps that have marked Berlin since 1826.

Our tours include

- the history of Berlin's gaslight

- Berlin's gaslight ensembles and how they influence the cityscape

- how historic gas street lamps operate

- technological demonstrations

- Berlin's different types of gas street lamps, how to identify these and where to find them.

For more information on our gaslight tours please visit or email us

Gaslight tour by bus

Gaslichttour mit dem Bus

photo: Bertold Kujath

A crowd gathers for a guided gaslight tour by Gaslicht-Kultur e.V. These tours are becoming increasingly popular with tourists from around the world and with Berliners themselves.

Gaslight tour by bike

Gaslichttour mit dem Fahrrad

photo: Bertold Kujath

Similarly, the guided bike tours to Berlin's gaslights are in high demand. This picture was taken on Open Monument Day 2013.

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